Want to quickly render PERSPECTIVE for your fine art?

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The Artist Angle

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLCWelcome to Belle Fine Art, LLCWelcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC


Deb D.


“Seeing accurately is always a challenge for an artist. An artist’s commitment to observation is just as important as the time involved with sketching and painting. ‘The Artist Angle’ really helped me to evaluate my lines in such an easy manner. I love the ability to SEE THROUGH the measuring tool! What a breakthrough from just holding up a pencil or stylus or brush. Having measurement marks also helps with evaluating height, width, object overlap, etc. An excellent tool to have!”



 "I like it very much. I think there are some definite improvements over the other types of proportion/perspective devices out there."

Sarah H.


"The Artist Angle is a wonderfully useful tool that equips & enables young makers to do their best work ever."

Melissa M.


Dear Belle Fine Art,

On behalf of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), I wish to thank-you further generous donation of two Artist Angles for our recent convention. As you know, we displayed and gave away both of your helpful perspective tools and we left out for the taking a few copies of the instructions and your leaflet. 

The two people who won the Artist Angles will appreciate how they will help them draw correct perspective, while others who heard about them made notes on where they can learn more. Their interest suggests it's a product that really fills a need. I hope some of those people reach out to you!




I came upon your product in  "Plein Air Magazine," and ordered it. This Artist Angle  is truly the most amazing art instrument!!

 It is exactly what I have needed. My classmates think I practiced everyday for a few hours, this past month away from them. 

My instructor told me that I have advanced to become one of the top representational illustrators in my class of about 24 students.

—I've just created a painting, and am thinking about putting it what will maybe be my first art show!