Want to quickly render PERSPECTIVE for your fine art?

The Artist Angle

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC

Welcome to Belle Fine Art, LLCWelcome to Belle Fine Art, LLCWelcome to Belle Fine Art, LLC

About Us

Meet the Inventor

Do these  transparent "blades" remind you of something? Well if you've been to a doctor's office recently they might look like miniature tongue depressors.  That's possibly because the inventor of the Artist Angle is a preeminent US physician and surgeon.

When Can You Expect to Get your Own artist Angle?

Artist Angles are in stock!  Receive yours within 5 days when ordered before June 1, 2019.  All orders placed during June 1-20, will ship June 24.  Once again from June 20 onward all orders will aship within 5 days while supplies last. Get yours while the company is receiving individual orders (retail stores only will start by 10/1/19) and while the limited supply lasts.

Other Ways the Device May Be Used ?

As Belle was going to stores looking for a fastener for this tool, several individuals approached and stated uses for the Artist Angle. Secondary markets are being sought. So purchase your Artist Angle today to be sure you get one!

If you have a thought about another use for this device, please  write to us and share your idea. It'll help develop our company!

Making a Splash


Product Debut

Recently the Artist Angle received an overwhelming positive response from the over 5,000 attendees at the 2019 International Art Materials World Exhibition hosted by the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) in San Antonio, Texas.


Excitement is Building!

Everyone has a hidden artist within them--Who hasn't doodled or sketched on paper when in a lecture and taking notes? 

This tool is for all of you who want to improve your creative skills whether they're:

  • doodles  
  • sketches for a knitting or crochet pattern, 
  • geometry
  • engineering and 
  • architecture diagrams. 
  • interior design work.


The Artist Angle helped the inventor design these paintings.